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Programming with VBA Excel

In this hands-on course, you learn the fundamentals of programming and VBA from the ground up. You gain the skills you need to automate repetitive tasks, build user interfaces and increase performance in order to improve user productivity.

On this 3-day course, participants will learn how to

  • Develop customized solutions using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Apply the object models to program effectively in the Microsoft Office System
  • Take full advantage of extensive built-in VBA functionality
  • Exploit ActiveX controls to create functional and familiar user interfaces
  • Retrieve data from PC and server databases
  • Troubleshoot code using VBA's debugging tools
  • Secure your code and protect your users from macro viruses
  • Use Visual Basic to control Excel, and to automate processes to speed up and simplify their work with Excel data.

Course benefits

They will also learn how to create interactive procedures using message boxes, and custom dialog boxes using Visual Basic controls. By the end of the course participants will have a good understanding of the Visual Basic language and the main elements of Excel that are referenced when using VBA.

This course is valuable for anyone who wants to automate tasks through VBA programming. Some experience using the products in the Microsoft Office System is assumed. No previous programming experience is required.

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