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Visio 2016/2019/365

In this course students will get acquainted with an overview of the features and functions of Microsoft Office Visio 2016.

In this course students will get acquainted with an overview of the features and functions of Microsoft Office Visio 2016.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Work with block diagrams and move, size, rotate, and copy shapes.
  • Format individual shapes, add decorative elements, and apply themes to entire diagrams.
  • Connect shapes, use connectors in a flowchart, and use layout tools to distribute, align, and position shapes.
  • Use Visio timelines and Gantt charts, create timelines, export timeline data, and track project details.
  • Create an organization chart, view and modify data stored within shapes, display and format text within shapes, change chart layouts, and add color and background to charts.
  • Use Office Layout template and use layers to organize shapes in an office layout.
  • Create a diagram of a network infrastructure, add information to the network equipment shapes, and create a hardware report.

Structure of the course

  • Getting Started with Visio 2016
  • Adding Shapes to Diagrams
  • Formatting Shapes and Diagrams
  • Connecting Shapes
  • Creating Project Schedules
  • Creating Organization Charts
  • Laying Out Office Spaces
  • Creating Network Diagrams

This course is intended for both novice and experienced information workers who want to learn beginning and intermediate Visio 2016 skills.

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