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Stress Management

Better face the stresses of everyday life, generating stress. Knowledge: recognize its own signs of stress, identify its sources of tension. Know-how: to be able to put in place effective stress management techniques adapted to the situation. Know-how: consider stress as a resource, a stepping stone for performance.


Acceptance of the existence of conflicts – How to manage conflicts with a constructive and goal oriented approach – Understand that conflict situations offer also some


Managing Agressivity

Anticipate and adapt to aggressive behavior and manage emotions.
Aggressive training & difficult behaviors allows you to understand the mechanisms of aggression and manage your emotions and reactions-triggers & characteristics of aggressiveness and violence.


Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

How to be convincing in your presentations and public speaking ?
How to improve his speech in public, manage his stage fright, adapt his speech, choose his words and convince his audience, improve his non-verbal communication, get his message across, animate a meeting, ...


Emotional Intelligence & Emotion Management

This one-day training will enable participants to question their vision, perception of situations, approach to work, how to apprehend situations, ... in order to achieve better personal and relational performances, to better understand their motivations and their restraints, to better react, better understand each other, to be more efficient and develop quality relationships, including situations of non-understanding, tension or stress.


Influence and Convince

Your behavior and style have an effect on others. Are you aware of your style? Are you able to adapt according to the situation and your communication partner? And how do you develop your influence?
This training teaches you to reach your goal in a natural way, how to create support through your personal power and respect for others. By developing their personal influence over others, participants gain confidence and are able to communicate their ideas and opinions in a clear and motivating way.


Develop your Oral and Leadership Skills

Speech is an essential communication tool, it encourages action. Well assured, it mobilizes energies, promotes listening and adherence. This training will teach you how to work your voice, develop your expression to assert your posture and gain ease and strength of conviction.