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Excel 2016/2019/365 - Macro

Want to save time on routine tasks in Microsoft Excel? Macros are the answer. In this course, the instructor will explain how macros can be used to automate tasks in Excel, and how you can create simple macros of your own. Learn when and how to record a macro, and how to use it. Through useful macro examples, the instructor will show how much you can do with macro recording without using any VBA programming, and the limits of macro recording.

Understanding what macros can do for you

  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Limits of the macro recorder

Differences between general (personal macro workbook) and local (workbook) macros

  • Specificities of general macros
  • Specificities of local macros
  • How to choose the macro type

Displaying the Developer tab

  • To have access to all macro tools and options

Recording macros

  • How to correctly name the macro
  • Choosing where to store the macro
  • Macro description
  • How to correctly record the macro
  • Stop recording

Testing macros

  • To make sure they work before creating a running support

Assigning macros

  • Different types of running supports (icon, button or shortcut key)

Macros and file formats

  • Macros in old format files (.xls)
  • Macros in new format files (not possible in .xlsx, possible in .xlsm)
  • Converting a file that contains macros from old format to new format

Using relative references in macros

  • To create a local (workbook) macro that behaves like a general macro within the file

Accessing VBA code

Without knowing VBA there are simple modifications that can be made :

  • Renaming a macro
  • Merging macros together
  • Splitting a macro in several macros
  • Deleting commands
  • Modifying commands
  • Re-ordering commands

Deleting macros

  • Deleting a local macro
  • Unhiding the personal macro workbook to delete a general macro

Examples of useful macros

  • Macro to use a template
  • Formatting macros
  • Printing macros
  • Macros to refresh data
  • Macros to sort and filter

People who want to save time on routine tasks in Microsoft Excel.

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