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In addition to our open session training offer, we propose in-house trainings and tailor-made courses and workshops either in our training center or on your premises. 


You want to train a whole team within your ICT department or provide assistance to your end-users when migrating to a new environment? 
You wish to receive in-depth practical coaching on a particular cutting-edge technology that you will soon implement? 
You want Business Training to give your managers a helicopter-view of an upcoming product to help them in their strategic decision taking? 
You can count on our flexibility and on our skills network to deliver exactly what you want!

e-Learning solutions

You are migrating from one environment to another and wish to let your users update their skills at their own pace while remaining available to the business? You need a customised e-learning solution to meet specific training needs? You want to be able to check your user’s progress centrally throughout their e-learning track? We can provide and implement the e-learning solution that will fulfill these objectives and more!

Course materials

If you are organizing an in-house training and need a structured and customized course material (for instance illustrated syllabus,…), we can provide you with course notes that will meet all your educational requirements.


Technical support on-hand at all times.
Photocopying, printing and faxing services.

Spacious and welcoming reception area.
1000 m² dedicated to IT training rooms & meeting rooms.

1 PC per participant, network infrastructure in the IT training rooms.
Overhead projectors and screens, flipcharts and/or whiteboards.
Free high speed broadband internet access.
Technical equipment such as routers, switches, hubs, ... on demand.
Air conditioning in all training & meeting rooms.

Do you need a fully equipped training room for your training sessions?

With the latest IT-equipment, a wide range of facilities and services, our training center is the ideal location to organize your training sessions and meetings, simply because when you meet or train your business associates, you want to do it in the most comfortable and professional way.

Full or half-day packages including meeting/training room rental, coffee breaks and lunch.