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Making a succesful Transition to Teleworking

Teleworking has the potential to transform the employee experience in many ways. Work-life balance is often top of mind, but there are many practical challenges and pitfalls to consider. How do I organize work, how do I successfully collaborate with my management and peers at a distance? In collaboration with Teampower.

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General objectives

  • Creating the conditions for successful teleworking
  • Define and set up my « home working » organisation
  • Creating and facilitating a « new » way of communicating

Specific objectives

  • Knowing the risks, constraints and requirements of teleworking and anticipating them in order to manage them.
  • How can I benefit from teleworking in my daily organisation and what will I gain?
  • Defining and setting up my « home working » organisation
  • Establish and facilitate a « new » way of communicating effectively

My new working context :

  • Having a family and a « telework-compatible » place.
  • Establish rituals (start and finish each day at the same time) set up a schedule, make a to do list, tick off what has been done, be reactive, define and respect deadlines, determine what interruptions are appropriate and prevent family-friends, set rules, be honest with yourself, set rules with managers and maintain contact with the office and create contact routines, …

Skills and tasks :

  • What are the key skills that are essential for my success in teleworking (autonomy, organisation, filing, archiving, time management, document management, adaptability, managing material resources, interpersonal skills, listening, clarity in speaking and writing, etc.).
  • What are the tasks and activities that I will gain from teleworking? What are the advantages? What about other tasks, activities and unforeseen events?

My organisation :

  • What will make it possible for me to achieve my objectives, what are my conditions for success?
  • My limits, do not put me out of the game.
  • What support and information do I need to achieve them?
  • How can I organise myself and manage my time?

Communicating more and better: a key word!

  • How can I set myself SMART objectives in agreement with my manager and how can I check their relevance?
  • How can I maintain team spirit, communicate effectively with all my colleagues and the manager around the objective?
  • How can I take advantage of my injunctions (cf. stress management seminar) to react and express myself adequately in all circumstances while keeping my control?
  • How do I react to instructions, controls, a remark, an unexpected event, an emergency, etc.? How do I express myself assertively and express what has not been said, when to do it?

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