CL211 – Red Hat OpenStack Administration II: Infrastructure Configuration for Cloud Administrators with Exam

Red Hat OpenStack Administration II: Day 2 Operations for Cloud Operators (CL210) is designed for cloud operators, service administrators, and automation engineers who operate and manage a full-featured hybrid and private cloud-computing environment using Red Hat OpenStack Platform. You will learn how to manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and scale a Red Hat OpenStack Platform infrastructure. This course focuses on using the OpenStack Client command-line user interface to configure metrics, policies, and architecture in order to support enterprise cloud applications and daily operations.

Who should attend this course?

This course is intended for storage administrators and cloud operators who want to learn how to deploy and manage Red Hat Ceph Storage for use by servers in an enterprise data center or within a Red Hat OpenStack Platform environment. Developers writing applications who use cloud-based storage will learn the distinctions of various storage types and client access methods.


Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification, Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation certification, or equivalent experience. For candidates that have not earned an RHCE or equivalent, confirmation of the correct skill set knowledge can be obtained by passing the online skills assessment at Some experience with storage administration is recommended but not required.

  • Managing overcloud service containerization technology.
  • Providing metrics for performance tuning and governance.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting Open Virtual Networking (OVN) network flow.
  • Configuring Identity service using an external Red Hat IdM store.
  • Managing the core control plane, including Pacemaker.
  • Customizing images, with techniques for multiple use cases.
  • Managing block and object storage back-ends.
  • Managing compute nodes, including tuning and hyperconverged.
  • Troubleshooting Red Hat OpenStack Platform.
  • Navigate the Red Hat OpenStack Platform architecture
    • Describe the undercloud and overcloud architecture and service components.
  • Operate the control plane
    • Describe and manage the critical core services of the Red Hat OpenStack Platform control plane.
  • Manage infrastructure security
    • Protect the Red Hat OpenStack Platform infrastructure by securing service component files and endpoints.
  • Manage user security
    • Configure secure user privileges using domain-based identity management, scoped roles, and project organization.
  • Manage application deployment resources
    • Create and manage the common, shared deployment resources including custom images, flavors, and metadata services.
  • Manage storage
    • Describe and manage storage architecture and components, with an emphasis on Red Hat Ceph Storage back ends.
  • Manage networking
    • Create, manage, and troubleshoot data center and virtual network infrastructure.
  • Manage compute node operations
    • Describe the architecture and management processes for normal and hyperconverged compute nodes. Perform common operational tasks for compute nodes to support workload uptime and scaling.
  • Monitor Red Hat OpenStack Platform operations
    • Describe the monitoring framework and architecture to gather, store, and use operational metrics.
  • Automate cloud applications
    • Implement and deploy complex and scalable applications using automation technologies.
  • Troubleshoot operations
    • Describe and practice the tools and methods for diagnosing and troubleshooting issues encountered during deployment and management operations.
  • Comprehensive review
    • Review tasks from Red Hat OpenStack Platform Administration II: Day 2 Operations for Cloud Operators.

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