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This course provides essential foundational knowledge for Docker and containerization. It covers all the fundamentals of Docker including containers, Dockerfiles, volumes management, networking, and more. You will learn how to build and use containers on a Docker platform through a hands-on approach with use cases.

Who should attend this course?
  • Developers using any programming language
  • DevOps Engineers
  • IT Specialists
  • System administrators

Some experience of using and managing Linux, MocOS, or Windows with the command line

Introduction to containers  and Docker

  • Containers vs. Virtual machines
  • What is Docker ?
  • What problems does Docker solve ?
  • Major components of Docker
  • Docker architecture fundamentals

Getting Started with Docker

  • Installating Docker on Linux/Windows/MacOS
  • Configuring the Docker Service
  • Running your first container
  • Getting the help with command line
  • Demo of a basic flow of Docker use

Working with images

  • Images and repositories
  • Structure of a Docker image
  • Versioning and Tags
  • Working with DockerHub
  • Managing images : listing, downloading, finding images

Working with Containers

  • The life cycle of a container
  • Launch a container with Docker Run (in mode interactive, in detached mode …)
  • Interact with a container from the host (exec, inspect, logs…)
  • Stopping and restarting containers
  • Cleaning Up

Creating Custom Docker images

  • Introducing the Dokerfile
  • Instructions and images
  • FROM instruction
  • RUN instruction
  • Docker build and OnBuild contexts

Persisting Data with Volumes

  • Volume types: Bind mount volumes and Docker managed volumes
  • Sharing volumes
  • The managed volume lifecycle
  • Backup, restore of data volumes
  • Data persistence best practices

Docker networking

  • The Docker network topology
  • Understanding the default network
  • Bridged containers
  • Joined containers
  • Inter-container dependencies

Docker Compose

  • Declarative environment with Docker Compose
  • Defining the services
  • Defining the volumes
  • Defining the networks
  • Docker Compose CLI

Docker Swarm mode

  • Swarm mode features
  • Setting up a Docker Swarm cluster
  • Managing nodes and services
  • Scaling an application
  • Troubleshooting Docker Swarm

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3 Days




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Sessions in English
19 - 21/2/2024Book
03 - 05/6/2024Book
02 - 04/9/2024Book
25 - 27/11/2024Book

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