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DreamWeaver CC – Level 2

This course is aimed at experienced Dreamweaver developers and designers who want to take the next step towards fully using the possibilities of Dreamweaver CC. During the course, some of the most advanced features will be discussed, starting from a good basic knowledge (gained during the level 1 course or through experience) in CSS, HTML…

Who should attend this course?

Dreamweaver developers and designers who want to deepen their knowledge of Dreamweaver CS6


Adobe Dreamweaver level 1 or equivalent experience.

  • New Features to Dreamweaver CS6
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Even MORE CSS
  • Advanced CSS Page Layout
  • Templates
  • Designing for Mobile

New Features to Dreamweaver CS6

  • Use the Multiscreen Preview panel to design for tablets, smart phones and comptuers
  • Taking advantage of the new CSS/HTML5 support
  • Using Media Queries to apply styles for adjustable screen dimensions
  • Working with Adobe BrowserLab and previewing dynamic web pages
  • Using jQuery code hinting to add interactivity
  • Working with Phone Gap to create mobile phone apps
  • Super-fast Live View browser previews
  • Code Hinting for AJAX and Spry Framework and new InContext editing

Cascading Style Sheets

  • Review of the different kinds of CSS styles
  • Custom (class) styles and Tag redefines and Advanced Selectors
  • Linking versus embedding styles using external style sheets across multiple pages
  • Table Color and Adding Borders
  • Doing things with CSS backgrounds that HTML can’t
  • Creating non-repeating backgrounds and making the background not scroll with the page
  • Using Live View to support <video> and <svg> tags
  • Styling with the look of form elements using CSS and using code hinting to support HTML5


  • Using Find and Replace
  • Changing custom (class) style sheet names
  • Fully deleting style sheets you no longer want
  • Using the CSS “Float” attribute to position things on the page
  • Creating Bulleted lists with CSS
  • Using CSS to affect the look of your page and its elements
  • Styling color schemes for a site that are easily changable
  • Creating and applying custom link hovers

  Advanced CSS Page Layout

  • CSS styling with layers and using CSS and layers to layout pages
  • Show/Hide layers behavior
  • Choosing different CSS styles for different platforms and browsers (we provide the JavaScript)
  • Advanced Templates, CSS Layouts and Snippets
  • Use code hinting with HTML, JavaScript, and Ajax frameworks: Spry, jQuery, and Prototype


  • Add repeating elements to your templates
  • Adding optional elements to your templates
  • Extensions: How to install and remove extensions we recommend
  • How to use Dreamweaver’s snippets
  • How to create your own snippets

  Designing for Mobile

  • Building iOs and Android with Dreamweaver CS6 PhoneGap
  • PhoneGap HTML5 and JavaScript integration
  • Using PhoneGap’s Geolocation

Practical information


2 Days




€800,00 + 3% VAT


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