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Excel 2019/365 – Level 1

Being able to create tables and manage the calculations, formatting and page layout of the tables. The new Office interface, using the File tab (“Backstage”). Managing the Quick Access Toolbar. New tricks and techniques. One window per workbook

Who should attend this course?

This course is designed for people who want to learn how to create computer tables, whether it is for accounting or statistics


Know the Windows environment and master file management

Course objectives: To be able to create tables and manage them in terms of calculation, formatting and layout.


  • Understand the Excel environment (purpose, specific vocabulary, …)
  • Manipulate cells and spreadsheets (contiguous selections, discontinuous selections, rename, move, delete sheets …)
  • Enter data (alphabetical, numeric, use the copy handle, custom lists, …)

Choose the storage drive for your workbooks

  • Classic: On a file server or a machine’s hard drive
  • 365: OneDrive Personal / OneDrive Shared / SharePoint-Teams


  • Create formulas
  • Use functions (autosum, average, root, round, …)
  • Use relative and mixed absolute references


  • Format tables (characters, borders, alignments, number format, cell width and height, add or remove rows and columns, autoformat)


  • Creating and editing
  • + When and how to use the new 2019 charts (map, funnel, waterfall, hierarchical)

Layout and printing

  • Orient, adjust, header and footer, print area, …
  • Transform the file to PDF


  • Properly structure a data table
  • Use automatic sorts and filters
  • Apply the Tableau tool

Situational exercises + tips & tricks

Practical information


2 Days




€700,00 + 3% VAT


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