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Excel 2019/365 Power Query – Level 2

Thanks to a functional and non-developmental interface, Power Query facilitates the work of those who need to analyse data from multiple sources to make it understandable to everyone in Excel and/or Power BI. Participants in this training course should have a very good knowledge of Excel and a basic knowledge of Power Query.

Who should attend this course?

Thanks to a functional and non-developer interface, facilitate the work of those who have to make data from multiple sources analyzable on a daily basis in order to make it understandable for everyone in Excel and/or Power BI.


Participants should have a very good knowledge of Excel and basic knowledge of Power Query

At the end of this training you will be able to create data tables ready to be analyzed with

  • Excel (Pivot Tables and PivotCharts + Slicer)
  • Power Bi t(Table/Matrix/Graphics/Slicer)

Quick revisions on

  • The Power Query vs Excel environment (know how to drag from one to the other)
  • Connection to multiple Excel data sources, csv/txt
  • Data transformation operation
  • Manage columns and rows to keep
  • Rename headers / Sort/Filter / Split columns
  • Create header row
  • Adapt data types to analysis needs (+ automatic detection)
  • Replace/Adapt Values
  • Column duplication
  • Format columns
  • Adding column from selection

Learn how to process data from sources other than Excel & csv/txt

  • Connect to web, PDF, Access sources

data modeling

  • Linking different tables in a Data Model (primary keys, cardinalities)
  • Joins

Advanced data processing in power Query

  • Group data (subtotals)
  • Transpose / Rotate / Unzip columns and rows
  • Perform calculated operations
    • On Numbers (Stat, Rounding, Information…)
    • On Dates (Year, Anniversary,… )
  • Group columns to create structured data
  • Create Merge and Add queries

Operation on columns

  • Adding Custom Column
  • Conditional column
  • Index column
  • Retrieve data from columns

Discovery of the Data Analysis Expression (DAX) language

  • Differentiate Formulas and Functions
  • Essential functions
    • Related
    • Sum, Max, Min…

Practical exercises  and real-life scenario + Tips and Tricks


Practical information


1 Day




€350,00 + 3% VAT


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