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With MS Planner, you will discover a tool dedicated to planning and collaborative work. This Microsoft Planner course is aimed at people who are familiar with the Office 365 environment and who want to make the organisation and management of their daily tasks more efficient. Having your own Ms Office 365 subscription is a plus.

Who should attend this course?

All users who want to make the organisation and management of their daily work more efficient.


To follow this Microsoft Planner training, it is advisable to be familiar with the Office 365 environment. Having your own Ms Office 365 subscription is a plus.

Revisions to the Basic Concepts of Effective Planning (SMART)

  • List all the expectations of the project (What? )
  • Structure the project into deliverables and sub-deliverables (simple WBS)
  • This Working Method makes it possible to identify the stakeholders in the project (Who ? )
  • Once the Who Will Do What identified we can establish
    • Task Durations (How Much? Time/Budget)
    • The How? and When?  perform tasks
    • In order to determine most accurately the Total Duration of the Project (Start-End)

Putting it into practice

Based on a structured example, set up all the features of Planner


  • Creation of a Public or Private Plan (Project)
    • Encode the list of tasks to be performed
    • Set up tasks: Name, Due date, Assignment
      • Move / Delete / Modify
      • Assign labels (color code)
    • Compartmentalize the project (Notion of Deliverable)
  • Tips & Tricks

Manage the project visually

  • Filter project content by Deadline/Priority/Progress/Color-coded Label/Bucket/Assignment
  • Group by Compartment/Assignment/Progress/Due Date/Label/Priority
  • Track progress in the form of Table/Graph/Calendar

Analyze the collaborative impact of Planner

  • Analysis of the impact of Planner in your Outlook 365 email and that of those who collaborate with you in your daily projects.
  • MS Planner is part of the Office 365 suite and is fully integrated with other Office 365 applications. If you’re already using Microsoft Teams, you can host a Planner plan in your Teams workspace, so everyone can collaborate in one place.

Practice exercises

The course is entirely built around a practice exercise understandable to all during which all participants collaborate (interact).


Practical information


1/2 Days




€300,00 + 3% VAT


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