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OneNote 365 – Level 2

This course goes even further in creating a structured and structuring digital note-taking environment to easily classify/share and collaborate on all kinds of information. Students should be familiar with the full office suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and have completed the OneNote Basic course.

Who should attend this course?

Anyone who wants to go further in creating an efficient filing system for all the information they can find that is relevant to them.
In this advanced course all the collaboration and sharing features will be covered.


Be familiar with the entire office suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and have taken the OneNote Base course


  • Softskill What is OneNote vs with a block of paper sheets
  • Differences between OneNote 365 & OneNote for Windows 10
  • Manage Quick Notes
  • The structure of a OneNote notebook
  • Effectively manage page content
  • Organize your QuickNotes

Manage Notebook Properties

  • Standard properties
  • Change NAME
  • Change color
  • Change LOCATION

Manage the sharing properties of a Notepad

  • softskill: Establish a sharing strategy before launching the sharing option
  • Move a notebook from the hard drive to OneDrive
  • Share notes with people
  • Designate people to share it with
  • Set edit or view rights
  • Get a share link to notes
  • Create a viewer link
  • Create an edit link
  • The “Copy a link to a paragraph” option in a OneNote file
  • Point “here” from another notebook
  • Point “here” from a file type other than OneNote (Word, Excel) to arrive in OneNote

Create a notebook that can be used during a Teams meeting

  • Difference between “Meeting Notes” and Meeting Notepad (OneNote)
  • softskill: Establish a strategy for sharing meeting notes
  • Create an Independent Notepad (Stamp) for Teams meeting (!! naming policy!!)
    • Create a new block in the “OneNote Notebooks” directory / on the machine’s hard drive
    • Use a meeting “Template” (save time)
    • Share the block in OneDrive
    • Invite Collaborators by assigning them a right to modify (+ explanatory message)
  • Via Outlook Schedule a Teams meeting (Title, Participants, Schedule)
    • Enable Notes, Link Notes to Block
    • Share Notes with the meeting

Collaborate with OneNote

  • Who I want to work with on my notebooks
  • Difference between Share >< Collaborate
  • Difference between internal / external collaborators


  • Create effective notebooks and learn how to store them in the right place so you can manage them
  • Create a notebook on a hard disk
  • Create a notebook on OneDrive (share)
  • Create a notebook in Teams (collaborate)
  • Centralize all my notebooks in one OneNote
  • Automatically move sections from one block to another
  • From Hard Drive to OneDrive
  • From OneDrive to Teams
  • Manually move pages and subpages from one block to another
  • Create quick notes and reclassify them in the right blocks

OneNote and windows reminders

  • Reminder on the role of reminders (what is it for)
  • Connect OneNote to your Windows reminder
  • Turn a OneNote “quick note” into a reminder
  • Exercise Scenario

Situational exercises + Tips and tricks to be effective


Practical information


1 Day




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