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Visio 2019/365

This course introduces students to an overview of the features and functions of Microsoft Office Visio 2016/2019/365. Working with block diagrams and moving, enlarging, rotating and copying shapes…

Who should attend this course?

This course is intended for both novice and experienced information workers who want to learn beginning and intermediate Visio 2016/2019 skills.


Some experience with Microsoft Office and basic file-management skills.

Visio 2019 provides a single, powerful platform for your custom drawing solutions. New objects, collections, properties, methods, enumerations, and events, as well as new ShapeSheet cells and functions, give you more options to define the behavior of items in your solutions.


Themes have been redesigned in Visio 2019, using a wider variety of effects and styles, including the integration of Art shape effects.Users can now decide on an overall style by applying a theme, customize the diagram with theme variants, and highlight individual shapes with Styles.ShapeSheet  Quick developers can take advantage of these features with the new functions and cells in the ShapeSheet.

Edit Shape:

Visio 2019 includes an API that allows you to exchange one or more shapes of another shape contained in a stencil, while retaining some local values from the original shape, such as shape text shape, shape data, or shape replacement shape formatting. Shape developers can update the ShapeSheet settings  for their custom shapes to specify the behavior of the edit shape for their shapes. Among the new APIs are the Shape.ReplaceShapes and Selection.ReplaceShapes methods and the ReplaceShape event  .

Shape effects:

New shape effects such as type bevel, 3D rotation, glow, reflection, and sketching have been added to Visio 2019. The ShapeSheet includes new cells to work with these affects.


Visio 2019 includes the ability for co-author diagrams stored on SharePoint or SkyDrive.Developers have access to the Document.AfterDocumentMerge event  that provides information about schema changes due to co-authoring. Solution developers also have the option to disable co-authoring based on their custom needs using the NoCoauth cell  on the ShapeSheet Document sheet.

Customizable image trimming:

Visio 2019 supports setting a Clipping Image custom path to crop images to any shape. This extends the capabilities of Visio 2010, which supports capture images in a rectangular way. This feature is available in the ShapeSheet by using the ClippingPath cell  in the Foreign Image Info section.

Relative geometries:

In previous versions of Visio, shape geometry was defined by formulas that depend on the height or width of the shape. For example, in Visio 2010 frame vertices as many Visio built-in shapes were defined by multiplying the height or width of the shape to a constant. These shapes have encountered Geometry sections  that include (for example) MoveTo or LineTo lines with formulas like Width*1 and Height*0.

Support for Business Connectivity Services (BCS) data:

Visio 2019 diagrams can now be connected to external lists on SharePoint Server 2019 servers  . An external list is a content source external to SharePoint (for example, a SQL Server table) that has been connected to a SharePoint list by using Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS). Visio Services supports the ability to refresh Visio diagrams as data updates.

Improvements in Visio Services:

Visio Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 includes many improvements. As mentioned earlier, Visio Services supports the new Visio file format (. vsdx and . vsdm). Visio Services has developed data refresh and recalculation, including the ability to recalculate formulas in an entire diagram.

Duplicate page:

You can now copy a page and all its shapes within the same document in Visio 2019. Therefore, the Page object has a new method, Duplicate, which duplicates the page and returns a new Page object.

Visio object model changes:

Events, properties, methods, and new objects have been added to the Visio object model to provide programmability support for  new features in Visio 2019. Additionally, object model enhancements handle frequent requests for Visio platform modification developers.

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