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Word 2019/365 – Level 1

Microsoft Word is a very powerful word processing program designed to save you time and make creating letters, CVs, reports and other documents easy. This is an introductory Microsoft Word course that will give you a working understanding of the basic functions of MS Word. Like being able to create and format documents.

Who should attend this course?

MS Word is the most widely used word processor for the public and businesses, so this course is aimed at anyone who deals with day-to-day correspondence in a company or private office.


Familiar with the Windows environment

New Word 2019 features covered in this training

  • Flip through pages like in a book with side-by-side display
  • Dictate text
  • The automatic translator
  • Sign in to the Office 365 portal
  • Choosing the right storage drive for your documents
  • Classic: On a file server or a machine’s hard drive
  • 365: OneDrive Personal / OneDrive Shared / SharePoint-Teams


  • Understand the components of the screen
  • Differentiate one-page (letter) documents from “long” documents (2 pages and more) to know which highlighting tools to use when
  • Presentation of an effective way to work for Word to become “your friend”

Move and select

  • Introduce and delete text: (auto-insert / replace / delete)
  • Easily move around a document using the keyboard and mouse
  • Select text with keyboard and mouse


  • Format characters
  • Format paragraphs (alignments/indents/Bullets and Numbers)
  • Add borders and fields
  • Use tabs
  • Introduction to Styles

Use tables

  • Insert tables
  • Add rows and columns
  • Formatting

The Navigation Pane

  • Following the application of styles in the document, go through the navigation pane to modify the sequence of paragraphs if necessary
  • Search for words, phases to replace them throughout the document

Layout the document

  • Layout the document (Margins / Paper size …)
  • Create headers and footers
  • Print


  • Add an automatic table of contents
  • Copy and move (with the “Drag & Drop” function and via the clipboard)
  • Use the find and replace functions
  • Work with multiple windows and documents simultaneously
  • Check grammar and spelling

Situational exercises + Tips and Tricks


Practical information


2 Days




€700,00 + 3% VAT


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