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ArchiMate 3 Foundation

The purpose of certification for ArchiMate 3 Foundation is to provide validation that the Candidate has gained knowledge of the notation, terminology, structure, and basic concepts of the ArchiMate modeling language. The learning objectives at this level focus on knowledge and comprehension.

Who should attend this course?

This training is aimed at people who want to know what ArchiMate is, or who want to use ArchiMate. This includes (but is not limited to) business-, enterprise- and IT-architects, IT-managers, consultants and project managers.

  • Individuals who require a basic understanding of the ArchiMate modeling language
  • Professionals who are working in roles associated with an architecture project and who need to understand architecture artifacts developed using the ArchiMate modeling language
  • Individuals who want to achieve a recognized qualification to demonstrate their knowledge of the ArchiMate modeling language

There are no formal prerequisites for this course

In most organizations, every business and technical domain speaks its own language, draws its own models, and uses its own techniques and tools. Communication and decision making across domains, necessary for business change, is thus seriously impaired. Just like an architectural drawing in classical building architecture describes the various aspects of the construction and use of a building, ArchiMate offers a common language for describing the construction and operation of business processes, organizational structures, information flows, IT systems, and technical infrastructure. This insight helps stakeholders to design, assess, and communicate the consequences of decisions and changes within and between these business domains.

To obtain the Archimate® 3.0 Foundation certificate, attendees must pass a 40-question, 60-minute, multiple-choice exam.

The passing score is 60% or 24 out of 40 questions must be correct. A Pearson Vue exam voucher is included in the course fee.


  • Module 1 Introduction to the ArchiMate® 3 modeling language.
  • Module 2 Language Structure
  • Module 3 Generic Metamodel
  • Module 4 Relationships
  • Module 5 Motivation Elements
  • Module 6 Strategy Elements
  • Module 7 Business Layer
  • Module 8 Application Layer
  • Module 9 Technology Layer
  • Module 10 Physical Elements
  • Module 11 Cross-Layer Dependencies
  • Module 13 ArchiMate® 3 Viewpoints

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, you will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • Principles underlying the ArchiMate® 3 modeling language
  • How to apply ArchiMate® 3 concepts in your models
  • How to develop ArchiMate® 3 models for your enterprise architecture


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2 Days




€ 1500 + 3% VAT


Classroom Course


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