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Business Process Management (BPM) Training: modelisation for professionals

Business Process Management (BPM): Enhancing Organizational Efficiency: The training program focuses on methodologies aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of processes within an organization. Courses in Business Process Modeling cover a range of topics to equip individuals with the necessary skills to understand, analyze, and optimize business processes. The BPM training covers concepts, methods, and tools necessary for effectively managing business processes. Participants acquire practical skills to design, implement, and improve operational processes, potentially leading to enhanced organizational performance and greater business agility.

Who should attend this course?
  • Business Architects, Enterprise Architects, Process Architects, Business Analysts
    • Consultants en Organisation
  • Prerequisites


    Course content summary

    • Data-driven decisions
    • Adapt processes swiftly to market changes
    • Design customer-centric strategies, thereby boosting customer satisfaction and maintaining a competitive edge
    • Introducing BPM
    • Overview of BPM concepts and historical evolution
      • Importance and benefits of BPM in organizational efficiency
        • Understanding BPM methodologies and frameworks
      • Learning BPM Fundamentals 
      • Business process modeling techniques (BPMN, UML, etc.)
        • Mapping and documenting business processes
          • Analyzing current processes for efficiency and effectiveness
        • Improving Process Techniques 
          • Strategies for process optimization: Lean, Six Sigma, etc
            • Implementing changes and measuring process performance
              • Automation and digitization in process improvement
            • Business Process Governance and Compliance 
              • Governance frameworks and regulatory compliance in BPM
                • Managing risks and ensuring adherence to standards
                  • Ethical considerations in BPM and responsible practices
                • Case Studies and Practical Application
                  • Examining successful BPM implementations through case studies
                    • Practical exercises using BPM tools for modeling and improvement
                      • Application of BPM techniques to real-world scenarios
                    • Advanced Topics in BPM
                      • BPM in digital transformation and emerging technologies
                        • Process mining and analytics for continuous improvement
                          • Future trends and innovations in the field of BPM
                        • Continuous Improvement in BPM :
                          • Strategies for ongoing improvement in BPM practices
                            • Action plan for implementing BPM knowledge and skills

    Practical information


    3 days


    EN / FR


    € 1.500 + 3% VAT


    Classroom Courses


    Guaranteed to run

    Sessions in English
    29 - 31/1/2024Book
    25 - 27/3/2024Book
    27 - 29/5/2024Book
    28 - 30/10/2024Book
    16 - 18/12/2024Book
    Sessions in French
    29 - 31/1/2024Book
    25 - 27/3/2024Book
    27 - 29/5/2024Book
    28 - 30/10/2024Book
    16 - 18/12/2024Book

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