Combined training PSM (Professional Scrum master) & PSPO (Professional product owner)

A combined training course encompassing Professional Scrum Master and Product Owner roles is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of both
functions within the Scrum framework. This training equips participants with the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage and lead Scrum teams, ensuring successful product development and delivery. By merging the Professional Scrum Master and Product Owner training, participants will be gaining a thorough grasp of both roles, considering their interconnections, and appreciating how they contribute to the overall success of product development within the Scrum framework.

Who should attend this course?

Course content summary

  • Maximize product value
  • Optimize team performance, and make informed decisions aligned with business goals
  • Have practical insights and certifications that significantly enhance your career prospects in Agile project management
  • Introduction to Scrum Framework
  • Overview of Scrum principles, roles, and artifacts
    • Distinct responsibilities of Scrum Master and Product Owner
      • Understanding the synergy between PSM and PSPO roles
    • Scrum Roles and Responsibilities
      • Deep dive into the responsibilities of Scrum Masters and Product Owners
        • Effective collaboration and communication between roles
          • Ensuring alignment between team goals and product vision
        • Scrum Events and Artifacts
          • Detailed exploration of Scrum events: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective
            • Understanding Scrum artifacts: Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, and Increment
              • Leveraging artifacts and events for effective teamwork and product delivery
            • Advanced Scrum Concepts
              • Scaling Scrum: Principles and frameworks for scaling Agile practices
                • Handling complex projects with multiple Scrum teams
                  • Integrating Scrum with other Agile methodologies
                • Agile Leadership and Facilitation
                  • Servant leadership principles for Scrum Masters
                    • Coaching and supporting Product Owners in their roles
                      • Facilitation techniques for effective collaboration within Scrum teams
                    • Agile Product Management
                      • In-depth understanding of Product Owner responsibilities in product management
                        • Product visioning, roadmap creation, and backlog refinement
                          • Translating customer needs into product features and maximizing value
                        • Exam Preparation and Certification
                          • Understanding the PSM and PSPO certification process
                            • Practice tests, quizzes, and exam-oriented discussions
                              • Tips and strategies for successfully passing the PSM and PSPO assessments
                            • Case Studies and Real-world Applications
                              • Analyzing successful implementations of Scrum roles in diverse scenarios
                                • Applying combined PSM and PSPO practices in practical project simulations
                                  • Discussion and reflection on lessons learned from real-world cases
                                • Conclusion and Continuous Improvement
                                  • Recapitulation of key learnings from PSM and PSPO training
                                    • Strategies for continuous growth and learning in Scrum roles
                                      • Feedback and reflection on applying PSM and PSPO principles in real projects

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3 days




€ 1.500 + 3% VAT


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