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Microsoft Forms is a component of Office 365 that allows you to create online questionnaires and surveys simply and efficiently. The fact that it is integrated with Office 365 gives it a highly effective collaboration dimension for internal business projects. It can also be easily opened up to the outside world and used from any device (PC, tablet, mobile).

Who should attend this course?

All users who wish to develop and distribute their own questionnaires, surveys, forms, etc.


To follow this Microsoft Forms training, it is good to be familiar with the Office 365 environment. Having your own Ms Office 365 subscription is a plus.

In this Microsoft Forms course, you will learn how to design your first forms and questionnaires with Office Forms, distribute them, and then leverage built-in analysis capabilities to create Excel reports.

We will also explain how to design relevant questionnaires and avoid the classic pitfalls in the use of this type of tool.


  • Differentiate between a Form and a Questionnaire & Understand the scope of both tools

Types of Open-ended and Closed-Ended Questions

  • Short, long open-ended questions
  • Multiple choice questions >< unique >< choices with drop-down list of choices
  • Evaluation Questions («««)
  • Likert scales
  • Net Promoter Score identifiers

Set up questions

  • Setting up the right and wrong answers expected with an explanatory message of “how to do well”
  • Illustrate questions with images/videos
  • Make it mandatory or not to answer questions
  • Assign points to questions
  • Make the sequence of responses random
  • compartmentalize questionnaires / Forms

Sharing Questionnaires/Forms

  • Send and collect responses
    • .. All / Members of my organization / Some Member of my organization
  • Get a link to duplicate a form/questionnaire
  • Get a consultation & modification link


  • Set up MS Forms
    • Whether or not to display the results of a questionnaire
    • Who can complete the questionnaire
    • Options for responses (start date/end date/mix…
    • Show progress bar
  • Print the questionnaire/form
  • Apply a theme + company logo
  • Smartphone/Tablet/PC Preview

Analyze responses

  • Identify the number of responses received
  • Visual of the average result
  • Review responses
  • Print a summary
  • Retrieve results in an Excel sheet


Practical information


1/2 Days




€300,00 + 3% VAT


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