Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)

The PMI-PBA® certification is one of PMI®’s fastest growing certifications and will demonstrate your competence in all aspects of business analysis, from needs assessment through requirements management and solution evaluation. PMI-PBA® certificate holders are recognized experts in the business analysis field, relied on for the most significant projects, and demonstrate commitment to the profession, an important edge with employers.

Who should attend this course?

The PMI-PBA® certification is ideal for professionals whose role involves business or process analysis, or the management of teams involved in product development.

  • 2000 hours of experience in a project team in the last 5 years
  • 4500 hours minimum as a Business Analyst in the last 3 years (or 7500 hours depending on your level of education)

PMI-PBA® is a complete up-to-date training program which acquires participants with a detailed understanding of all business analysis domains, preparing them for the PMI-PBA® certification exam. Over 200 sample exam questions will be review in addition to tips in how to apply, prepare your credentials and pass the exam.

Applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements, including passing a rigorous exam, to earn the PMI-PBA® certification. One of the eligibility requirements includes 35 hours of education in business analysis practices, which you will obtain from attending this course!

Key concepts of business analysis:

  • Definition of Business Analysis
  • Business Analyst Roles
  • The required business analyst skills

Presentation of PMI and getting started with the Business Analysis Practice Guide

  • BABOK – Business Analysis Body Of Knowledge, Version 3 & The PMI Guide to Business Analysis:
  • Solution Lifecycle and Business Analyst Activities
  • Notions of “Agile” Business Analysis

Strategic Analysis:

  • Analyze the Current State
  • Defining the Future State
  • Assess the risks
  • Define the change strategy

Requirements Analysis and Solution Proposal

  • Specify and model requirements
  • Verify the requirements
  • Validate requirements
  • Define the requirements architecture
  • Define solution options
  • Analyze value and recommend solution

Evaluation of the Solution:

  • Measure the performance of the solution
  • Analyze performance measures
  • Assess the limitations of the solution
  • Assess the company’s limitations on the solution
  • Recommend actions to increase the value of the solution

Analysis Planning and Supervision:

  • Plan the Business Analysis approach
  • Planning Stakeholder Engagement
  • Plan the governance of the Business Analysis
  • Plan the information management of Business Analysis tasks
  • Identify actions to improve the performance of Business Analysis tasks

Elicitation of Requirements and Collaboration with Stakeholders

  • Prepare tasks and techniques for elicitation
  • Conduct the elicitation tasks
  • Confirm the elicitation results
  • Communicate elicitation and analysis information
  • Manage collaboration with Stakeholders

Life Cycle Management of Requirements

  • Outline the requirements
  • Maintain requirements
  • Prioritize requirements
  • Assess changes on requirements
  • Approve requirements

Preparation for the PMI-PBA® & the IIBA exam:

  • Tips for the exam.
  • White exam with commented correction.
  • Scenario blank under the conditions of examination.

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