Project Management Fundamentals

Define the role & parameters of the project manager. How to use a method for managing a large project. Acquire the tools (time, equipment, operations, planning, etc.) Structure the different stages of a project to organize…

Who should attend this course?

Project managers and any manager confronted with project management


There are no formal prerequisites for this course

You will be better able to:

  • Use relevant consulting and change management skills when dealing with your internal and external stakeholders
  • Confidently accept responsibility for new projects and be better able to stay in control of projects
  • Apply tools to stay in better control of projects


The first part of the workshop puts project management in a broader business context, and provides a systematic approach to the whole project life cycle from initiating, planning and defining scope through scheduling tasks, budgeting and controlling to closing the project. Project Management Basics

  • Characteristics of Projects
  • Definition of a project, typology of projects, project lifecycle, project scope and WBS, project timeline, resources and cost

Case study: Defining project lifecycle, project scope, WBS, organization chart, timeline and initial budgeting

Project Roadmap, Part 1: Project Definition

  • Project charter, project scope statement, project organization and governance, team staffing, contracting, project infrastructure set-up, project office, project plan and budget development

Case study: project plan and budget development

Project Roadmap, Part 2: Execution and Closing

  • Project execution stages, project kick-off, ‘to be’ design and build, gap and impact analysis, migration planning, data, capability transfer, training, testing, cut-over, quality management, risk management, communications management, progress tracking and reporting, cut-over management, support

Case study: Project performance dashboard, progress reporting, issue management


The People module during the second part of the workshop focuses on the skills project managers need for leading teams and managing project stakeholders.

Leading a Team

  • Ensuring team capability
  • Stages of team development, individual development, leader development
  • Team Exercise: Team development model

Stakeholder Management

  • The consulting process from a project manager’s perspective
  • Handling and managing your (internal) clients, content vs process consulting, needs analysis, information gathering, value chain
  • Team Exercise: Role play

Practical information


3 Days


EN / FR / NL


€ 1950+ 3% VAT


Classroom Course


Guaranteed to run

Sessions in English
14 - 16/2/2024Book
24 - 26/4/2024Book
22 - 24/5/2024Book
28 - 30/8/2024Book
23 - 25/10/2024Book
11 - 13/12/2024Book
Sessions in Dutch
07 - 09/2/2024Book
17 - 19/4/2024Book
03 - 05/6/2024Book
05 - 07/8/2024Book
02 - 04/10/2024Book
02 - 04/12/2024Book
Sessions in French
08 - 10/1/2024Book
26 - 28/2/2024Book
06 - 08/5/2024Book
01 - 03/7/2024Book
28 - 30/8/2024Book
04 - 06/11/2024Book

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